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Phenomav Bromav 30/100/200mg for Cats & Dogs

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This item is a prescription medication. 

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Treatmentof seizures, convulsions, idiopathic epilepsy and status epilepticus in dogs.


Severe hepatic or renal impairment.


Along acting barbiturate with sedative, hypnotic and anticonvulsant properties.


Shouldbe used cautiously during pregnancy because pregnant animals are more sensitiveor responsive to depressant effects than nonpregnant animals.Exposure duringprenatal growth can induce permanent changes in sexual development.Reduced doserate should be used in geriatric animals with severe respiratoryinsufficiency.Disposal Dispose of empty container by wrapping with paper andputting in garbage.

Dosage and Administration

 Dogs. 2 to 8 mg/kg. 30 mg tablets. ½ to 2tablets/7.5 kg bodyweight. 100 mg tablets. ¼ to 1 tablet/12.5 kg bodyweight. Administer once daily or in divided doses every twelve hours. Medication shouldbe consistently given at the same times each day. Divide the tablet to obtainthe required dose. Use the minimum dose necessary to control thecondition. After initiation of treatment, dosing should continue unchanged fortwo to three weeks (i.e. seven times the half-life of phenobarbitone in dogs)in order to achieve steady state concentration (Css). Serum should be monitoredand dosage adjusted in order to achieve Css within 20 to 40 microgram/mL (86 to172 micromol/mL) and a good clinical response. If indicated, taper the doseover one to two weeks. Avoid abrupt withdrawal. Tolerance to phenobarbitone maydevelop after prolonged use, therefore dosage may need to be increased asrequired.

Storage  Storebelow 30°C (room temperature). Protect from light.