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Antiseptic and Healing Spray, Terramycin 150 ml - Oxytetracycline

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Oxytetracycline is an active antibiotic against a large number of Gram-positive and Gram-negative pathogenic bacteria (aerobic and anaerobic), spirochetes, chlamydia, actinomycetes, some protozoa, having, together with the other components of the product, a pronounced local antiseptic effect. Other advantages are: easy, fast, uniform application at a convenient distance, even distribution of the product on the affected surface (the fineness of the designed particles allows their penetration into the smallest fractures), without the need for labor to cause pain or prevent scarring. supple and fast wound.


Alamycin spray is recommended for the prevention or treatment of infections caused by germs sensitive to oxytetracycline (traumatic or surgical wounds, pododermatitis, burns, eczema, skin actinomycosis, stomatitis, gingivitis, umbilical cord disinfection, vulva of the vulva of the parturition, parturition etc)

Administration and dosage

Before applying the product, the infected area must be mechanically cleaned, and in case of pododermatitis, it is recommended to adjust the nails accordingly (chiropody). Shake before use. Spraying is done with the bottle in an upright position, from a distance of 10-20 cm and for a minimum of 5 seconds, until the product evenly covers the surface. Usually a single application is enough, but at the veterinarian's instructions it can be administered repeatedly. In case of pododermatitis, it is recommended that after applying the product, the animals stay on a dry surface for one hour before returning to the pastures and associated to administer an injectable preparation based on oxytetracycline.


The product is for external use only!

Avoid inhalation, skin or eye contact. It is recommended to wash your hands after using the product. Do not puncture or burn the bottle after use! Do not spray on fire or hot surfaces! Keep out of reach of children!

Contraindications: Not known

Waiting time

There are no restrictions on the slaughter of animals previously treated with TERRAMYCIN spray for human consumption.


TERRAMYCIN spray can be used until the expiry date which is stated on the carton if stored below 40 ° C.